Training Programs

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy our comprehensive itinerary of tennis, paddle and fitness programmes and activities. Designed for both novice athletes and those who simply want to try something new.


Physical Analysis

Health or sportive evaluation

Description: To give a programme a real and objective-oriented focus, it is vital to quantify all physical, emotional and energy-related data.

It includes anamnesis, anthropometric study, defining of objectives, muscle and joints tests, positional strength test, etc.

Duration: 70min


Body measurements and anthropometric study

Description: The ultimate goal with this test will be getting to know your body weight in relation to other physical parameters such as the % of muscle mass, % of fat mass, water %, bone mass, etc., in order to balance your diet and improve daily habits.

Duration: 25min



Retraining of sports injuries

Description: We analyse the injured area and the physical adjustments that have resulted from the trauma, the strength deficits, DIMS, etc. From there, we mobilise the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments involved in the movement and, through certain exercises, localised vibrations and the application of forces, a neural and physiological readaptation will be generated.

Duration: 50min



Description: It is a technique that enables one to question the patient’s body itself, which is the most adequate method that a professional can use (Osteopathy, cranial therapy, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, Pnit, Psych-k, etc.) to treat pain, improve the responsive capacity and return functionality to the organism. We use “biofeedback”, pressure, information ampoules or muscle tests to verify and understand the current state of the organism.

Duration: 50min


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When you become a member of the Puente Romano Tennis Club, you’ll have access to our excellent tennis courts, which are considered some of the best in Europe. You’ll also have the privilege of attending large sporting events and prestigious social occasions.


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