Nutrition Services


Active Nutrition Services

Enquire about the programme best suited to your requirements and request an appointment with our consultants to start looking after your health and improving your welfare.


Consultation + substances test + body measurements study + diet

Description: This would be the combination of different activities to achieve the set goals. Firstly, we carry out a body check-up through an anthropometric and physiological study. Subsequently, we do a palpatory examination of the digestive system using visceral osteopathy, as well as an analysis on your daily sports or physical activity. Afterwards, we undertake a substances test with kinesiology to eliminate foods that cause you any blockage, high energy waste or a poor absorption of nutrients. And finally, with all the data obtained, we craft a specific monthly or weekly dietary plan.

Duration: 1h15min


Weight Loss

Includes: Consultation + anthropometric study + substances test + weekly or monthly diet + 2 training sessions

Description: This is a programme aimed at all people or athletes looking to improve their body weight, change habits, develop a healthier lifestyle or achieve their set goals.


High Performance

Includes: Initial evaluation + anthropometric study + substances test + weekly or monthly dieta + 2 functional performance training sessions

Description: It is a programme targeted towards all professional or amateur athletes that need a schedule and constant monitoring to achieve their goals.


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